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This company is changing the way you think about EXTREME SPORTS… and its not Redbull

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Extreme sports. An industry that is fueled by action, adrenaline, adventure. No matter the sport, there is always one thing that stands out regardless of the season – the environments where these sports take place. From the beautiful mountains of Whistler, Canada to Cloud Break on the island of Fiji, these locations are some of the most visually stunning and captivating places on the planet. They are layered with authenticity though the culture of locals and travelers alike, all with the mindset that the individual can conquer any feat by harnessing the courage to do the extreme. Companies such as Red Bull and Monster Energy have opened the floodgates for athletes to take their skills to new levels and show the world what the human body can achieve in these extreme environments.

With so much focus on the incredible and near impossible achievements of these athletes, there seems to be less focus on the settings of these feats from the perspective of the fan or enthusiast. Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel is looking to change that. Founded as an adventure kitesurfing company, Wind Voyager created a name for themselves in their attempt to bring the kiting community into the main stream of popular action sports. As an adventure company, Wind Voyager takes clients on charter in search of the world’s most pristine kiteboarding and surfing conditions.  After years of doing this, their mission became clear. To inspire and shape individual authenticity through the love of adventure while making a positive impact on the environments they explore. By chasing wind and waves, their adventures take them to some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places on earth and they believe it is their duty to keep these places that way. Though social media and content creation, Wind Voyager is able to share with the world what sheer beauty our planet has to offer. So how does an adventure company inspire the general public to take a stand against pollution and climate change? Easy, do it for them.

Enter Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel -- eco-conscious apparel for those who never stop. Wind Voyager’s line of apparel highlights their ideals to leave the planet a better place for future generations to come. With multiple styles of casual and active wear for both on and off the water, they are fusing action sports style with an environmentally friendly focused approach. Launching in the spring of 2019, Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel is releasing sustainably made clothing for men and women and promises to give back 1% of all profits to foundations that will help make their environmental goals become a reality. Part of their line will consist of shirts made from 100% recycled materials. Each of these recycled shirts are made with 70% less water than shirts using conventional cotton, 100% chemical free production, and 6 plastic bottles.


Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel is also challenging their customers/followers to share their own adventures with the world in order to form a community of people with like-minded values of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. This community will represent Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel as ambassadors for their mission and cause. Ambassadors will share their passions and adventures with the community and have opportunities to join Wind Voyager on theirs, all while helping make our planet a better place. To find out more on how to join this community follow @windvoyagerapparel and start sharing! No matter who or where you are in life, always BE AUTHENTIC.

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