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New Year, New You: Here's to the Journey

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As we close the door on the year 2019, we look ahead to a new decade in 2020. Ten new years to redefine, reinvent, and set ourselves on a fresh start to the beginning of this new year and decade.

Although it is exciting to start fresh, it is important to remember how we got to the place we are now – the last decade. A lot can happen in ten years. People come and go, the places we once knew become different and sometimes stay the same. Regardless of what does or does not change in the course of a ten-year span, there is always one constant – the journey that gets you there. Without the journey, the end destination becomes far less significant. It gives the destination a sense of meaning and accomplishment, something that cannot be substituted for an easier alternative.

In order to properly look to the future, we must look back on our past in a way that does not dwell but instead reminisce. An appreciation for the past and knowing how it can ultimately affect the way you move into the future is an integral part of starting fresh to gear up for a new decade. Remember your challenges and mistakes, your victories and celebrations. Remember the people who helped you along the way – for better or worse, because without them, your journey would be vastly different in ways that you may not be where you are now. But with all this said, it is exciting to start fresh. To jump into the great unknown, is the greatest adventure and what would a new decade be without adventure?! We at Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel have had a great 2019 and look forward to what 2020 (and the years to come) will bring.

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