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2019 Kite Mansion Open presented by Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel

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This year, the second edition of the Kite Mansion Open will be hosted in Icapuí, Brazil, from the 15th through the 22nd of September. The KMO is the third and final stop of the Kite Park League world tour ( and the 2019 KPL tour champions will be crowned once again at the Kite Mansion. The KMO is the brain child of Belgian rider Alex Maes and Dutch Rider Annelous Lammerts, the current female points leader of the KPL.

The super consistent wind in combination with a very technical park in the tidal lagoon of Icapuí will provide some insane action throughout the whole week, and from all over the world people can follow the event live on Facebook by following and subscribing to the Kite Park League page.  Since we discovering this beautiful spot in the South of Ceará Alex and Annelous had a vision - have the best kiteboarders of the world compete in these perfect conditions so they can showcase their best riding. The unique shape of the lagoon offers the perfect opportunity to put multiple features in a line, so instead of hitting one single rail the riders need to put at least two tricks together for a competitive score.

But besides having the riders compete at this amazing spot Alex, Annelous and the rest of the KPL riders wanted to do something for the spot as well. Unfortunately, the tide brings in tons of garbage and plastic to the beach and lagoon. Since the local community doesn’t have the means to do something about it, the KPL took it upon themselves to make a difference for the better.  Together, with the help of all the riders and locals, they have organized 3 beach clean-ups and collected multiple truck loads full of garbage. Also, with the help of and TropicSport Sunscreen, the KPL planted more than 220 new mangrove trees in the lagoon, dubbing it the KPL Forest. Mangroves provide many benefits to the surrounding environment such as storing carbon, reducing flooding and erosion from storms, acting as nurseries for fish, and filtering pollutants from water.

Our goal with the Kite Mansion Open is to affect a bigger area every year so we can help keep the beaches clean, become a better habitat for all the animals living there, all while reducing our carbon footprint. As kiters, we chase wind and waves. Our adventures take us to some of the most beautiful places on earth and we believe it is our duty to keep them that way for generations to come.

To stay updated with all the action, follow our blog @windvoyagerapparel and follow @kiteparkleague for updates, heats, and much much more! And as always, #beauthentic!

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