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2019 HOOD JAM - Rider of the Day: Eric Rienstra

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3 days and counting until 2019 HOOD JAM competition begins! Today we highlight REAL Watersports, Dakine, and Core Kiteboarding Team Rider, Eric Rienstra!

Currently sitting at #8 after his return from injury in last years Hood Jam, CORE Kiteboarding, DAKINE, and REAL Watersports team rider Eric Rienstra is still looking to return to full form.

"I've banged up my knees quite a bit over the years, but last year during the first round of Hood Jam my left leg gave out on a kicker landing and I was done for. It's been a long process seeing the doctor and getting back into it but luckily I didn't need an operation so I was able to get back on a board a little quicker. I do have to wear a brace from now on but it's a small price to pay to be able to continue doing what I enjoy most." says Eric.

As a founder of the KPL, he is always thinking of ways to make our events better and has been busy in the offseason working on developing a more engaging event experience along with the rest of the Kite Park League founders.

"The league was created with a mission to help make the most progressive park riding events in the best locations possible, and with events in Cape Hatteras, Hood River, and Brazil, we feel like that mission has been accomplished! Now we need to focus on stepping up our presentation and making our events better for the fans." comments Rienstra.

In the past years we were concentrated on making sure our riders were having the best time in and out of the water. We can't thank KPL riders like Colleen Carroll, Brandon Scheid, Craig Cunningham, Rich Sabo, Alex Maes, Annelous Lammerts, Karolina Winkowska and Alexander James Lewis-Hughes enough for all the time and effort they have put in helping to make everything happen so far! This year our goal is to make our social media and digital platforms more engaging and more exciting to the general public.

"I been trying to get some sort of live scoring system in place for the Kite Park League events this year. It’s the key to raising engagement at our events so that everyone at the beach knows what's going on without an announcer." sums up Eric

In the upcoming event in Hood River, we are going to test a live scoring platform as well as have a facebook live. So stay tuned and check the website and facebook page during the event to see what these guys come up with!


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