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2019 HOOD JAM - Rider of the Day: Brandon Scheid

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As we count down the days until the 2019 HOOD JAM, stay up to date with our blog as we highlight individual competitors. Today, we start with our defending champ....

2018 KPL Champion and current KPL leader Brandon Scheid is definitely one of the favorite riders in 2019. This year the American rider has BIG goals on his mind! We can’t wait to see another impressive performance again at his home spot in Hood River!

‘For 2019 I wanted to focus on bringing a few new tricks to the kickers in the heats. It's always one thing to stick a trick while freeriding, but it's another to land it within three tries in the contest. I also really just want to have fun this year! Contest riding is always stressful, so if I can change my mindset around this hopefully I can have more fun while competing. Lastly, I want to bring more speed and amplitude to the tricks done in our contest. I think those two factors can help bring some legitimacy to our discipline. Right now, it is very technical, which makes it hard for the layman to understand all the nuances of the hits. However, everyone can relate to amplitude and speed.’ reports Brandon to KPL.

Although the competition is going to be heavy, we can't wait to see what the defending champ has up his sleeve. 

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